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Honor Code

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious honor code violation in academic settings (including life in general) and special care should be given to avoid such conduct. Writer Tools offers academic resources for novices so they can improve their abilities and grow into great writers. However, the tools, resources, downloads, and samples offered on the Writer Tools website must be used responsibly, fairly, and within the context of honor code guidelines at your academic institution.

Code of conduct

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism, or using the written works of other authors without permission or citation, is a serious offense and not condoned.

When using the free resources vailable to you at our website, please be sure to follow the rules listed below:

  1. Don't use our resources and pass them off as your own (on a website and especially for academic credit).
  2. If you do use our resources in your writing, make sure to provide a proper citation (use our citation guides for help with this).
  3. Pay special attention to paraphrasing or "borrowing" snippets of writing to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

Engaging in plagiarism can lead to many consequences (in school and real life), so we appreciate your strict adherence to these policies and rules. If you have questions or concerns regarding what constitutes plagiarism, feel free to contact us.