Immigration Issues Affecting the U.S.

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Concerns about immigration to the U.S. have long been presented as, partly, that immigration takes jobs away from American citizens and that immigrants become a drain on social services as benefits are expended without contribution. The debate is presented well through Parrillo and Huntington: Parrillo supporting immigration as a natural part of a growing society and Huntington with the opposition that different cultures cannot co-exist peacefully.

Huntington cites American culture as having developed from the Anglo-Protestant movement which started American history and advocates that any influence upon that culture will ultimately destroy the greatness that is America. Parrillo, conversely, posits that American culture is a blend of the Anglo-Protestants and the subsequent immigrant cultures which have landed on these shores since. He states that what was once dubbed “English Americans” eventually became “European Americans” as they mainstreamed into the “in” group—the “in” group being those who, in effect, control the political system and societal services—and that subsequent cultures, as they assimilate into American society, will eventually also become part of the “in” group. Huntington builds on that idea and utilizes it to prove his own point—that the assimilation of immigrants into “American culture” will eventually erode the cultural nuances to the point of non-existence, and should not be seen as a human right (Professor, 2013).

While the predominant forms of law and communication within American society have derived from our English settlers, multiculturalism has permeated our society and will likely continue to do so.  Inclusionists argue that America should continue to grow by adopting other cultural practices. Assimilation of other cultures, in opposition to Tucson’s legislation, should include as much as individuals wish to adapt. Our Constitution was organized for this purpose and our rights to Freedom of Expression would only be reduced or eliminated by limits on pluralism.


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