Latin Studies Application

The following sample Anthropology essay is 923 words long, in APA format, and written at the high school level. It has been downloaded 555 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

I have always been interested in languages and am currently interested in beginning my program of study in Latin Studies at your college/university. I was only given the choice of studying a few languages at my high school, but craved more information and only found satisfaction when I was able to start studying Latin language on my own at that time.

The study of Latin is really a study of all languages and will prepare me for a career in the field of anthropology or linguistics if I choose to take my studies in that direction. I have always liked the stories of the great philosophers and understand that they spoke and wrote exclusively in Latin, which means to be able to read their writings in Latin would give a different perspective to their wise words and theories.

I also have ease in learning new languages and understand that Latin is the base of all languages such as English, the Romance Languages of French, Spanish and German and even Greek. By developing a continued interest in learning how to communicate with people in their native language, I am also at the same time strengthening my own understanding of English. The derived words in English mostly come from Latin and other languages, and I know I am a better reader for comprehension and higher-level analysis and understanding of the texts that I read because I now understand the root words and definitions of words I am unfamiliar with as I can consider the Latin meaning easier to manage meanings quicker. By having an interest in Latin Studies, I have been able to improve my grammar and become a much more careful writer also as a result of this interest.

My writing has improved tremendously because I have studied Latin on my own to follow my interests. I now understand that I can increase my vocabulary and express myself with more colorful and relevant words because of my interest in Latin Studies. I think that my Latin Studies courses will help me in my future in any course of study that I choose, whether I go to sciences or to literature studies along the way or take these classes, the Latin Studies courses that I take will increase the knowledge base I will have and will make studying any other discipline much easier as a result.

In my family, I know of at least one relative who had the opportunity years ago to go to another country to help after a natural disaster in a Peace Corps type of organization. This relative had no idea of how to communicate with the native people in that country (he “hated languages”), and did not venture much into the culture, but was able to provide basic support based on the humanitarian care he was involved in providing. If he had been a student of Latin Studies, he would have had the chance to pick up on any new language quickly, as he would have recognized the root words easier and would have had an opportunity to explore the richness of another country and enjoy a deeper connection with the people who he had committed to support at time of need after a natural disaster.

These are the stories and bonds that people make for a lifetime and they happen spontaneously and without being forced in times of emergency or disaster, (or just meeting someone new in an airport when traveling to another country). A person sits down next to you in a shelter and has a look in her eyes and wants to tell someone how she feels and if the person sitting next to her from another country can pick out the most important words of the exchange (having been a Latin Studies major), then they can start to converse on a more personal and deeper level. Yes, there will be some words that will be dropped from the conversation or misunderstood, but that is what pantomime is for!

I am 100% sure if my relative had known some Latin, any Latin, he would have come back from his trip with dozens of stories of how he saw and understood people’s suffering and strength because he could understand the basic content of their sorrow. Instead, although I hate to say it (and I would never say it to my family members), I do feel that my relative wasted that opportunity on some level as he was only able to hand out food and medical supplies and did not find a common bond with the people of the region (which to me is the point of joining and committing to this type of corps duty in other countries in need).

The study of Latin for me will be a study of our language, as well as the languages of the world, to be able to form a deeper understanding of how our world works, global issues and an ability to make real connections with people wherever my travels take me as I mature and finish my academic career at the college/university level. Being able to begin Latin Studies for me is the first step to a new life that will allow me to be more worldly and ready for any adventure that live hands me as I graduate and begin my professional career. This is why I am interested in studying Latin and would like to begin my studies at your school at this time.

Thank you for your consideration of my application for Latin Studies.