Metformin and Cancer

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Metformin is a drug commonly used for treating low blood sugar in type two diabetes patients. Type two diabetes has also been associated with higher risk for heart disease and a higher risk of certain cancers (Kasznicki et al., 2014). Patients taking Metformin have been known to have a decrease in every aspect of their symptoms. This drug has also been used to treat certain breast cancers.

Metformin has brought forth promising treatments for breast cancer this past year. Metformin is used along with chemotherapy to help fight against breast cancer agents (‘I-SPY 2 TRIAL”, 2019). In order for patients to be able to participate in this Metformin breast cancer trial, they have to have proof of breast cancer, be over the age of 18, and cannot be carrying a child (‘I-SPY 2 TRIAL”, 2019). During this trial, Metformin is mixed with chemotherapy for an extended period of time, and if results are not prevalent then the Metformin will cease.

Patients will have to be willing to participate in a core biopsy and cannot have had prior chemotherapy done on the breast (‘I-SPY 2 TRIAL”, 2019). It is also imperative that the patient does not have any metallic objects in their body that could stop them from having an MRI. Metformin has shown a lot of promising evidence towards healing many aspects of the human body and is associated with very low risks (Suissa et al., 2014).

In conclusion, Metformin is being used to treat many different forms of cancer. One main target for Metformin is breast cancer. Studies for breast cancer reduction due to Metformin are being carried out in 2019. Metformin is combined with chemotherapy to try and help reduce breast cancer symptoms. If it is not successful the trial patients will be taken off of Metformin and be put back on just chemotherapy. Only a select group of individuals are eligible for this type of trail.


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