Admissions Essay for Entrepreneurial Business

The following sample Business essay is 524 words long, in MLA format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 768 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

I believe that one of my most significant strengths is my internal drive and self-sufficiency.  I have a “DIY” attitude and love to do and make things on my own. I am very excited to learn new things so that I am able to do them on my own, and this quality is one that I have had for quite some time.  I am eager to be admitted to your university because I believe that it will be an excellent opportunity for me to further my personal and professional development by acquiring additional skills and knowledge that will better equip me for success in my personal and professional life.  

One of the major outlets by which I do things on my own is through my creativity.  I love filming, editing, and recording.  In these activities I am able to apply my vision and perspective to the world, capturing what I think is interesting, and then shaping that into something that can be enjoyed.  As a complete process, I find filming, editing, and recording to be very rewarding.  I am involved at every stage in that process, with a sensitivity to the fact that what I do at one stage effects the other stages.  By having complete control over the entire process I am able to very carefully shape and control what I want to create, and then once it is created I not only enjoy it for what it is, but I enjoy it for what it once was—that is, I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in having taken disparate pieces within a process to complete and make a whole.

I believe that my attention to detail, self-sufficiency, and love for creating things would make me an excellent entrepreneur.  Because I have a great deal of energy and attention that I can and do devote to whatever I decide to do, building an enterprise from the ground up is something that I am very excited about.  I believe that doing this would not only be a great way to leverage my existing skills, but also a great way to feed my creative and self-determined interests in a healthy and productive way.  I think that I could make a great entrepreneur with the right background knowledge and theoretical foundation, and I see college as an excellent way to help me better materialize my existing skill set toward a more concrete and conventional application.

In sum, I have a very self-determined and self-efficient personality.  I am motivated by my creativity and desire to complete things.  A great example of this is how I enjoy filming, editing and recording as a process where I create things at different stages and build everything up to a completed project.  I think that these are highly transferrable skills and I hope that these talents and qualities of mine can be fleshed out during my college career by learning how to become an entrepreneur.  I look forward to the opportunity to be challenged and to prove myself at your university, and I am very grateful for being considered.