Business: Entry Level Cover Letter

The following sample Business cover letter is 514 words long, in unknown format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 665 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

It is with pleasure that I present my resume, enclosed, for the Legal Administrative position you seek to fill. After reading through, carefully, about the role, I have a firm belief that this position would be a perfect starting point to accomplish my career ambitions. As an experienced administrative assistant, I am accustomed to working in goal-oriented environments. I am an individual who has a strong commitment to social causes and I believe this position would be an ideal role for me as I carry out my objectives while working with those who have a dedication to providing justice for those who feel defeated, subjugated, and demoralized. My long-term goal is to become a Civil Rights attorney, with an emphasis on discrimination against minority women. I know I have a long way to go in fulfilling my goals, so while I pursue my advanced education I want to lay the groundwork at a well-respected organization, sharing the same values I have, where I can establish my own career roots. 

My desire to join the team at American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (“ACLUF”  or “ACLU”) and be a part of their work culture is prefaced on the long-standing work that ACLU has done with respect to social justice. While my degree is in Biology and Psychology, my aim has been to gain an interdisciplinary approach with regard to education. My education and social background includes being part of the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society. I am often described as an individual who is inquisitive, seeking to know as much about the place I work for so I can bring as much to the table as possible. I love being involved in projects of all sizes. I am no stranger to multi-tasking with efficiency. I enjoy assisting others with varied task, even those that others might label menial. Often, I have others who will comment on my focus to work, while maintaining a relaxed attitude. I believe it is important to keep everything in perspective and remember that strife has no place in the role of an administrative assistant.  ACLUF will be the ideal place for me to develop the growth I seek. I appreciate the fact that at ACLUF I can learn in more detail about how the fight for civil liberties is carried out, while providing administrative support. I emphasize respect for all people of all different backgrounds in my own personal life, so I look forward to being part of such a renowned organization that holds that same belief as a central tenet to achieving their objectives. I pride myself on having a capacity for problem solving, along with strong writing and verbal communication. I, also, realize the importance of attention to detail and meeting deadlines for successful teamwork, understanding that others depend on you. I am confident that you will find me to be the right candidate for the role of the legal administrative assistant. Please contact me, at your convenience, so that we may discuss the mutual benefits of this position. Thank you for your consideration.