Career Path for a Business Analyst

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A career path for a business analyst is multifaceted in today’s business world.  As a person whose main job description is to be able to bridge the gap between business needs with IT resources, a business analyst has to be able to have a variety of skills to be effective at their job.  Here is one potential career path: (assuming one would obtain their MBA).

1. Obtain an MBA and enter as an IT Business Analyst (Entry level position): This position would be the first step in the business career path.  It would take about 2-3 years for advancement to occur and would be expedited by having an MBA as well as having excellent communication and analytical skills.  Stay current with business trends in communication.

2.   Advance to a Senior level Analyst (Mid-level position): This position would be a 3-5 year part of the career path.  Having great leadership and communication skills would help to advance from this position.  Additionally, taking training in managing workers would be helpful in this field.

3. Advance to Business Account Manager (High-level position): This +5 year position is the 2nd to the last level on the career path.  Leadership is a crucial aspect to this role as well as being extremely organized and punctual.  

4. Achieve a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) (Top level position): At the top of this career path is the CTO of a company.  As an executive level position, it becomes even more important to be an effective communicator both orally and written.  Having to make tough decisions that require many angles of thought is important to be an effective decision maker is a critical portion of this role.