Employee Training Program for a Consulting Firm

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The training programs at Booze Allen Hamilton consulting firm cover a wide variety of professions that they employ as contractors for their clients. In order to take part in a specific training program, an employee need only be employed as the specific occupation being targeted by a given training program. Human resources incorporate training programs that generally consist of either online or in-person presentations and instruction. The employees are then evaluated based upon their comprehension, understanding, and implementation of the practices that were covered within the training sessions. Employees are encouraged to participate in training and performance programs geared towards making them better at their jobs, by being offered incentives in the forms of promotions, benefits packages, salary increases, or vacation time. An employee that has participated in more occupationally specific training will be more valued by the company as a whole and is more likely to procure any one of these aforementioned incentives.

The work environment at Booze Allen Hamilton supports employee training not only because of the lucrative incentives that are offered for the completion of additional job training, but because company time and resources are set aside specifically to induce more employees to attend than would otherwise; evening and weekend sessions are held and compensated so that more employees will have the ability to complete training outside of work and maintain a work-life balance, and any training sessions can be scheduled to take place as a meeting during the course of the regular workday provided the session was scheduled and applied for in advance. Upper management at Booze Allen Hamilton schedules monthly workshops where these sessions can be attended en masse, and the inclusion of company-funded lunches that double as training sessions offers yet another attractive reason for any and all employees of the target occupation to attend.


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