Entry Level Catering Cover Letter

The following sample Business cover letter is 348 words long, in unknown format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 599 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

When it comes to hosting, no one knows how to run and keep the job like I can. With almost a decade’s experience in food service management and coordination, I am a fully educated and ready to begin working at any hostess, receptionist, and/or reservation agent position right away with a natural talent that sets me apart from the rest. The mark of my skill is apparent from my developed cultural background, interpersonal qualifications, and previous job history as both a hostess and as a prized catering manager. 

First, I am fluently tri-lingual in English, Romanian, and Russian, and functionally operative in Arabic in French. These languages are possessed both by inheritance and the hard yet patient work of years of multi-national study. The number of ways and instances that I have and can use these languages is beyond measure however such wide lingual and cultural dexterity in understanding racial differences gives me a clear advantage in welcoming, guiding, and treating those of all backgrounds from fellow co-workers to the customers I serve.

Historically, I have had plenty of opportunities to apply these warm interpersonal aptitudes as a hostess at Trattoria as well as in my present cater managing job at Infinity Ways. In Trattoria, I had the key task of greeting and leading guests to their seats while carrying out several other jobs that made me a vital link in making Trattoria a stellar restaurant. In Infinity Ways, my responsibilities were increased several folds as I tirelessly worked to ensure the company’s logistical success in personnel, power, equipment, and transportation for every photo shoot. Accomplishing these complex directives is a pride of mine that earned me the Employee of the Year award just last year in 2016. In all my jobs and challenges, I have sought the most efficient, inclusive, and profitable decision for self, colleague, customer, and company. That I have consistently accepted and created more accountability and achievement with each year testifies to my morale, service, and potential as a dynamic crew member for your business.