Executive Business Cover Letter

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I am writing to express my interest in the Guardian ad Litem Program Specialist opening in Judicial District 18. Since 2015, I have been employed in the criminal justice field, most recently and currently as a judicial services coordinator. I feel confident that much of the work I have performed in this role over the past couple of years, including my knowledge of compliance matters, and ability to testify in court regarding issues pertaining to this topic, would be quite useful in this role. I am accustomed to familiarizing myself with a specific set of rules and procedures to a high level of proficiency and then guiding others who seek me out for questions about these protocols. These strict rules have led me to develop a punctual habit and I have a respect for turning items in by deadlines.

In both of the jobs I have held within the criminal justice system, I have exhibited an ability to juggle multiple tasks daily, while always fitting in hours to make court and office appointments. In past service as a parole officer, I had frequent occasion to interact with offenders, victims and non-profit groups and volunteers. I am capable of communicating efficiently, effectively, and non-discriminatory with people of all types, and staying on task through all the confusion that may come through the office on any given day. I am experienced in data entry, casework, and compliance-related matters, and could easily train volunteers in the appropriate procedures relating to tasks they assist the GAL office in. Please consider the attached resume when selecting candidates to interview. Thank you.