Faculty Business Manager Cover Letter

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To Whom It May Concern,

I am happy to submit my application for the Faculty Business Manager position with Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. After learning of the position opening I was confident that I would like to submit my candidacy. After reviewing the specifics of the position and the values of Curtin University as a whole, I am now confident to say that I will make a good match for the position and the University. I understand that Curtin University is dedicated to excellence and innovation in teaching research, and am justifiably impressed that the Faculty of Health Sciences educates more health professionals than any other institution of its kind. I would like to join the faculty of Curtin University in this work – particularly by contributing to the operational management and team leadership of the faculty. Ultimately, I would like to be a member of the faculty leadership group. I am confident that my interests, experiences, and strengths support my qualification for this position.

First and foremost, I am pleased to apply for this position because of my personal and professional interest in the field of both health and business. I have, for a long time, had a vested interest in leadership and organisational development. More specifically, I began a business-related Master’s program in the United States. Unfortunately, I had to return to Australia for personal reasons, but I plan to begin a Master’s in Business Administration in Australia, following the completion of my PhD in health psychology.

I will be completing my PhD from Murdoch University’s Department of Psychology. My area of research has been in preventative health psychology – specifically on motivation and exercise. Given the serious threat that lack of physical activity poses to population health, my thesis attempts to contribute additional knowledge about individual differences in exercise behavior which, in turn, may assist in reversing current rising trends in physical inactivity. All of this is to say that I have spent extensive periods of time in a university setting, instilling in me a sound understanding of health sciences and allied health. This has included the pleasure of working with staff and students in a positive university environment. Needless to say, this work has left me equipped with the background to adequately support the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University.

In addition to my personal interest in the field, as outlined above, I also have the professional experience to support qualification for the Faculty Business Manager position. I have experience both in a governmental and university setting for the primary and tertiary health sector. Currently, I work as the Operations & Business Manager for the Royal Perth Group (RPG) at the Royal Perth Hospital. More specifically, I am involved with the day-to-day business and operational management for the transition of the State Rehabilitation Unit to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital. The move will occur in October of this year, and the planning involves managing the changes in HR, clinical practices and administration. This means working with a $32 million budget and directly supervising 325 employees.

Furthermore, my position requires collaboration with the directors and managers of RPG in the strategic development, coordination, integration, monitoring and evaluation of RPG Services. I have primary responsibility for the corporate governance and operational aspects of this partnership, supporting and promoting the vision and strategic direction of RPG. Most relevant to the position of Faculty Business Manager is that my role has involved financial, Human Resources, and information systems management.

In addition to this work with the Royal Perth Group, I have worked as the General Practitioner Liaison Officer for Swan District Hospital, where I initiated and lead relocation of Swan Hospital After Hours GP practice, effectively changing clinical and administrative practices and culture. This significantly grew business by 20% within the first year, leading the transition to become the State flagship for the government-based model. Finally, I have worked as the Business Manger for Corporate Nursing & Patient Support for RPG. In this role I undertook an organisational review of clinical services, successfully managing the department for six months. Of course, I have many other relevant experiences to the field – you may find these in my attached resume.

Each of these experiences has left me equipped with a particular set of strengths and skills. First, I have a proven record of achieving goals and delivering on corporate and staff expectations. This is made possible largely through my capacity to bring people together by negotiating contracts and improving workplace relations, efficiencies and outcomes. I work collaboratively with parties to achieve common goals, and strive to value employees as an asset to both the organization and the external consumer. Second, I am used to working in a climate of change. This is supplemented by my ability to problem-solve by identifying and analysing problems and coming up with strategic trend forecasting and risk management. Finally, I consider myself strong in conflict resolution and negotiation, with a commitment to uphold the corporate duty of care to act for both the welfare of the staff and the organization.

Currently, I am looking for more scope to strategically lead, drive, and manage operational and business goals. I am confident that I possess the demonstrated ability to lead, motivate, manage and collaborate at a senior level. Furthermore, I will be committed to ensuring that decisions support the university goals of learning and research capabilities, embracing collaborative business approach along the way. It would bring me great satisfaction All in all, I am certain that I am an ideal match for the Faculty Business Manager position with Curtin University. It would bring me great satisfaction to work with such an organization. I look forward to discussing the potential further.