Healthcare Disrupted

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Given the previous uncertainty in elections in the United States, it is a fact that disruptions in the healthcare community are pervasive. This argument can be analyzed in the context of how the article ‘Healthcare disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies’ by Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan provides an understanding of measures which enable management and problem solving in case a healthcare facility encounters a challenge. This is achieved by illustrating the cases of disruptions in health care community as illustrated in the book as well as a personal critique of the views presented.

In Part I of the book, it focuses on the concept of a number of opportunities in the healthcare community by illustrating the existence of a range of opportunities in employment and the provision of healthcare services to the population. My view regarding the arguments presented in this section is that they are true since the provision of United States health care services in the community will require more health care professionals who are specialized in different areas of health care services. 

Part II of the article explains that the uncertainty that should be anticipated in the health community is the existence of different business models such as hybrid models in the management of health care activities. According to my personal view, most activities in professional organizations are performed using models which promote the achievement of particular levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources. Chapter Five of this part presents changes in the innovative approaches for achieving patient needs in health care community as one of the disruptions that will be experienced. According to my understanding of the present demands of patient care demands, there will be increased need to provide quality patient services because health care facilities will be evaluated in terms of their competence in the provision of a particular health care services in the context of the level to which they should perform or the expectations of the present government of the United States. Chapter 7 of this part of the paper illustrates that there will be a disruption in the provision of health care services due to the existence of new digital technologies that are continuously gaining effectiveness in addressing the needs of patients. In my view, I agree with the fact that the emergence of digital technologies may cause a disruption in the accessibility to health care services or the provision of health care products because it reduces the use of manual procedures which are laborious to perform and also less effective in addressing the health care needs of many patients. In the present health care environment, there is a high likelihood of increase in the number of patients who need to be provided with medical support at a particular time and in a more accurate manner. This will require that most hospitals incorporate digital technologies in their facilities. This is likely to result into disruptions in the manner in which tasks are performed and the outcomes of tasks performance in most health communities.

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