Human Resources and Policy Changes

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By adjusting the conservative viewpoints of the organization and recognizing the diversity in others the agency will be able to enter into more markets which would be beneficial for the company and its employees as a whole. This fact will be utilized heavily when addressing the changes with the employees of the organization. Whenever there is a change in the practice and policies of an organization it is always met with considerable apathy. However, when the change involves a whole value structure it can result in outright revolt if the changes are not handled effectively. Before introducing the policy changes to employees a game plan will be necessary to address concerns that may arise. By having a firm decision in place and a consensus between the administrators it would be easier to enforce a difficult change, which the employees may not agree with.

As this initial change involves domestic partnerships it would be important to introduce employees to issues of domestic partners and the benefits the company will receive through covering domestic partnerships. Diversity training would need to include topics which would awareness about people who would use domestic partnerships and how the policy changes would benefit them. In turn, the resistance to allowing health insurance programs for domestic partnerships may decrease as well. The training would need to address misconceptions that the employees may have about this population so as to further the employee’s knowledge. It may also be beneficial to bring in a person who would benefit from a domestic partnership to discuss their experience and report on why they would like either public or private health insurance coverage for their partner and themselves.

The diversity training would address any concerns held by the group members as a whole. To address individual concerns it would be important to have individual supervision to discuss challenges employees are having regarding the changes that are being made to the agency. Through supervision, it would be necessary to identify areas in which the employees struggle with the most. If training could be provided to address those areas in order to increase the employee's knowledge base that would be beneficial for the changes that are going to come. However, if an employee is unable to comply with the changes being made they may have to be let go. This may cause employees to not revolt against the changes if they fear that their jobs may be in jeopardy. 

One the group and the individual employee's concerns are dealt with it would be important to address your own discomfort with the changes that the company is making. To address the conflict in your own biblical worldview it would be important to consult with both your own supervisor and also a religious figure who you can turn to discuss how you can personally resolve the conflict. It would be important to differentiate between your work life and spiritual life however some may have difficulty doing so. It would also be important to recognize that the work that is being done to be all-inclusive is a benefit as you would be helping others which is a very Christian thing to do. In the end, it is most important to recognize that these changes are vital to the strength of your company and the growth it may have in the coming years. These changes will also improve the livelihood of all your employees and their families. Again if you yourself are not able to comply with the changes being made you may have to look into another avenue of employment as was suggested for the employee who could not easily change with the company. While it is important to learn and transform, if your core values do not coincide with what you do every day for a living it is important to pursue other avenues despite the difficulties that may come with this choice (especially during a time when the economy is in a recession).