What is the Impact on Internal/External Stakeholders?

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The impact of the recommendations can be broken into two main categories: the internal and external stakeholders.  The internal stakeholders focus mostly on the employees of the GBS.  They will have to embrace the changes that are being made to their company.  By utilizing social media as a means to gain greater exposure, the employees are providing the company itself with the vital service of capturing new business in the form of clients as well as getting new potential business leads.  This is not an uncommon form of marketing for any business in the modern world.  According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, “83% of marketers said that social media like Twitter was important to their business” (Stelzner 10).  With so many businesses using social media as a form of outreaching to its targeted audience, it is important for the employees of the company to be trained and understand the use of this technology for GBS’s continued success.  Not to mention, the executives of the company will be seen as forwarding thinkers in this changing environment and be seen in a positive light by the shareholders.

The other major category that will be affected by the recommendations made are the external stakeholders.  This group consists of the customers of GBS as well as their shareholders.  The greater exposure will give the shareholders confidence in GBS because of its social media use to provide the company with better insights into its business and marketing while still providing the customer with the necessary support he or she may need.  Basically, the main focus is on the customers.  The use of social media in marketing allows for instantaneous customer feedback, which will allow the company to make changes to improve the client's experience and general view of the company.  As studies have shown, 90% of online consumers will believe in the recommendations made by their friends; also 70% of online consumers will trust in the opinions of people that they do not know (Gambhir).  Taking this into consideration, it becomes very important to be able to hear what a client has to say about the company online considering their opinions carry great weight over other consumers’ habits and thoughts of a company.

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