Peabody Marriott Hotel

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The Peabody Marriott is a premier hotel located in Peabody, Massachusetts and is a competitor of the Wylie Inn and Conference center due to its comparable features, capabilities of accommodation, and amenities.


The Peabody Marriott, with 257 available guest rooms, is capable of accommodating a large number of guests. By comparison, the Wylie Inn offers 92 guest rooms. At the Peabody Marriott, the average room is currently being offered at $149 per night while the Wylie Inn boasts a price of $139 per night.


The Peabody Marriott advertises their grand ballroom as the place for meetings, gatherings, and other events, with a maximum capacity of 400 people. They also advertise seven additional “breakout” meeting rooms including their Centennial Hall. The meeting rooms are very large, with a total square footage of 10,735 feet. By comparison, the Wylie Inn is capable of accommodating closer to 200 guests with a 4,800 square foot event hall.

Food and Beverage

The Peabody Marriott boasts a bevy of healthy dishes served up by premier chefs. Dishes are standard, but not limited to chicken, beef, fish, and pork. The Peabody Marriott also provides relatively low prices for their liquor (see chart below):

(Chart omitted for preview. Available via download)

Business Center

The Wylie Inn and the Peabody Marriott have various business amenities available at the request of the reserving party. These services include WiFi and Projectors with screens for meetings. Recently, however, the Peabody Marriott has discontinued lending projectors for business meetings, saying that the projectors would often “walk away” from meetings. The Wylie business center has comparable amenities.


The Peabody Marriott is located in what the concierge called “a more industrial part of town.” The Peabody is nevertheless located relatively close to the sea, as is the Wylie Inn. Both offer free parking for all events.


Like the better known Hilton Hotels, the Peabody Marriott advertises state-of-the-art facilities, including a pool as well as a hot tub, and a fully functional gym located conveniently on the second floor of the building. The Wylie inn is less well equipped in this regard and does not have either a pool or a gym.