Business: Personal Development Questions and Answers

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Step 1: Planning for Results

As I age and mature, I am committed to working on all aspects of my life. I wish to be physically healthier, lead a more active lifestyle, build my social network and/or increase my networking activities, become more spiritual-based, and strengthen my mental health. My ultimate target is to reach a very advanced age as the holistically healthiest being I can be. This has to take place in and all around me, as I will work on every element of my being. The fact that I do believe I will live past any age I ever thought it would motivate me to accomplish all of my goals. Specifically speaking, I want to start by losing weight and adopting better, healthier eating habits. Becoming more physically active will help, especially when I start walking every morning and evening as I used to. Fortunately, these two changes will not negatively impact my social life. I believe that part of being healthy includes socially interacting with others to build relationships. My perception of social activities broadens my options for increasing my social networking activities. Social interaction, in my opinion, can include participating in forums, club events, volunteering, and community events. The relaxation and refreshing time away from work will allow me to focus on strengthening my mental health through music therapy, which goes hand in hand with my spiritual goals. Taking the time to abandon work stress, worries, and pressing responsibilities occasionally is what will help me mentally. Meditating will get me to a higher spiritual level than I have been. In turn, that accomplishment will put me in an overall healthy position. Work, family, personal life, and relationships will be more successful than ever. All the work will allow me to live longer and establish a wonderful quality of life. I will be a better person from the start of the change until the end of my life.

Step 2: Background Accomplishments

Before I started my personal development journey, I only contemplated my goals and made minor plans through daily journaling and research. However, I learned valuable information. I pinpointed habits and routines that were healthy or destructive to me finishing what I started to accomplish my goals and be successful. I found unique ways to include exercise into my daily routines, even when my days were filled with meetings and other obligations. It was a trial period to gauge whether or not I would be able to include longer periods of time for exercising and more complex types of exercise. Because my eating habits were the worst they had been since high school, it was important for me to figure out alternative recipes to make unhealthy foods healthier so that I could still eat the foods I crave and love without sacrificing my health. I was able to eliminate all junk foods and reduce my salt and sugar intake by more than half while still being able to enjoy desserts and chips. Meditating each morning to help me rid my mind of thoughts that included eating junk food helped me mentally prepare myself to go without them throughout the day. This helped me suppress the cravings for unhealthy foods. After two weeks, I no longer desired those foods at all. I would start each morning by meditating and ended each night the same way. These nightly meditations helped me fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The following morning, I would have more energy. This newfound surge of energy helped me think more clearly at work, reducing stress and often eliminating it altogether. I also became more intuitive, focused, and confident in conversations, tasks, and relationships. Physically and spiritually, I felt lighter and my emotions were no longer erratic. They were applicable to the situation and circumstances.

Step 3: Closing the Gap

Thinking about where I need to be in my personal development and the steps I have taken to get there, I still have quite a ways to go. Now, I need to be able to continue making the same healthy eating choices, but I need to adopt a routine that will include me eating earlier in the day. I have never been a breakfast person, as it tends to upset my stomach for the better part of the day when I do eat it. Plus, I never have time to actually prepare a meal in the mornings when my routine is already hectic and scattered on some days. With what I have learned about incorporating meals into smoothies and drinking smoothies as replacement meals, I can still get nutrients in the mornings for added energy without eating a heavy meal. It will keep me full longer and I will be able to prepare the ingredients the night before or when time permits and mix it in the morning. There are exercises specifically designed for the working individual to complete at their desk or during short breaks. I will include those exercises so that I can cut down on the time it takes me to exercise when I have more time. Practicing yoga and physical and mental meditation is perfect because it will allow me to stretch before exercising and get in at least an hour of meditation spread out over the day. This will further reduce my stress and I can choose when to implement these techniques. It will most likely be right before meetings or starting a new project or task. I will continue meditating at night to contemplate my purpose and develop my spirit. I will do it in the morning to mentally prepare me to manage any ongoing negative issues.


By the end of this course, my goal is to have a holistic understanding of myself. This is important because it will help me continue working toward my other goals. I have to be able to know when I am becoming overworked, stressed, and exhausted. There are indicative signs that I must be able to not only recognize but attend to immediately as well. This action is solely my responsibility and I need to be prepared to fulfill it proactively. If work or a relationship is straining, I might be limited in the time it takes me to fully handle the impact it has on me, especially if it happens immediately, constantly, or all at once. I will know that this has been accomplished when I am able to adjust to external factors that have an impact on me. The impact might not be prevented, but I will be able to handle it easier and quicker each time. I can measure this success by how fast I adjust and how quickly I respond. This goal is an ongoing goal because it involves me constantly listening to my body, my mind, my spirit, and my emotions. They will change over time, but the goal will remain the same and it is realistic. Each time, I can meet this goal, even if the changes are abrupt. I will need to be wise when accomplishing this goal, and circumstances like being in a meeting might make it more difficult to understand why I suddenly feel overwhelmed about a task I have completed multiple times before, for instance. I will need to dedicate time to this emotion, so it might take longer to understand. This is the most relevant goal because I am in the best position to complete a trial and error period for figuring myself out as I mature and have multiple events happening in my life. I can do this by the end of this course. Right now, though, I can focus on changing my routines, habits, and behaviors.

What particular actions are you doing to move from point A to B? 

I have adopted and maintained a morning/night meditation program and mindfulness techniques which has allowed me to cultivate a mental condition that is conducive to healthy behavior. By adjusting my diet through the introduction of wholesome and varied foods, I have been able to establish a stronger foundation for personal improvement. As I have gained an increase in energy and an improved mental state, I have capitalized by expanding my exercise routines and incorporating more challenging forms of yoga exercises. This has led to the development of a core of strength and physical health which has prevented me from regressing to an earlier condition of poor health and low energy. 

How many times have I met with my peers or group members? 

I have met with my peers at least three times per week in order to discuss my progress. This has provided me with further motivation to remain dedicated to the personal development plan which I have subscribed to. 

What are my daily plans in a week and the results? 

My daily plan is to monitor all of the foods that I eat. I have established a daily calorie intake goal which also includes a nutrient macros framework of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fats. The result of this program is steady weight loss as well as an overall increase in energy. As I continue to cut fat, I have increased the intensity of my cardio workout routine. This has allowed me to lower my heart rate and consumer more calories throughout the day, thereby making it easier to remain dedicated to my personal improvement strategy. 

Describe your better self in Ten (10) years 

In ten years, I expect to be in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically. My hope is to develop the necessary habits in order to ensure complete dedication to a healthy diet as well as regular meditation. I also hope to have developed a strong enough understanding of nutrition that I will be able to plan meals for others who are interested in improving their eating habits. 

What is your attitude? What skills do you have? 

In terms of my attitude, I have developed a very positive perception of my self-improvement efforts. I believe that my optimism will play an important role in ensuring that I remain dedicated to the strategies that I have adopted for improving my physical and mental health. In regards to the skills that I possess, I believe that my ability to self-reflect, as well as my research capabilities, have been indispensable in the continuation of my journey towards self-mastery. 

What personal traits do you have? 

In regards to the personal traits that I currently possess, I am emotionally stable, dedicated, and flexible in my approach to personal relationships as well as my individual habits. This allows me to make valuable adjustments to my lifestyle without the need for enduring many of the emotional and physical struggles that accompany such adjustments. 

What mindset do you have?

My mindset is one of calm and happiness, as well as a general knowledge of self. I feel very optimistic about the future and I feel empowered by the progress that I have so far made. It is important to me that this positive mindset is maintained throughout the rest of my self-improvement journey so that I may always remain aware of the importance of the changes that I have made. 


In conclusion, the self-improvement strategy that I have adopted has placed me on a path to personal development that will allow me to establish a strong foundation for physical and mental health. It is the ultimate goal of this improvement plan to allow me to become a better overall person and use my experiences in order to help others achieve their personal improvement goals. The plan that I have adopted has so far produced excellent results. If I can remain committed to this plan it may be expected that I will reach my personal self-improvement goals over the next few years. From that point, I may develop new goals which are reflective of my position in life. The element of the self-improvement plan that I find to be of the greatest value is the fact that the progressive development I have experienced feeds into my physical and mental improvement methods, thereby making the process that much and simpler and further securing my ultimate success.