Ethics and Uber? The questionable trend in transportation

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Uber was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, with the goal to fill a consumer gap. Riders were tired of waiting for a cab or having to hunt down a number for a taxi company in order to get a ride. Founder Travis Kalanick made the Uber app to fill this need. Now, consumers can easily order a ride via their cellphone, streamlining the way transportation functions across the globe. Uber instantly took over the transportation due to the ease of use. As of September 2018, Uber has given out 10 billion rides, enough to cover the population of the earth, and then some (Dickey, 2018, p. 1). Two notable competitors to Uber are taxis and Lyft. Lyft is far behind the competition; they reached 1 billion rides in 2018 (Dickey, pg. 1). Uber has begun to come under investigation for a various amount of issues. The New York Time writes in an article entitled “Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing Economy” comments on one of the tech giants problems: Drivers.

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