Registration Benchmarking

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Le Tourneau University is continuously in competition with other colleges and universities in a dire effort to increase its student population through increased registration. While Le Tourneau University is committed to this ongoing challenge they work tirelessly within a diverse, thriving environment to improve in order to achieve their goal. Le Tourneau University also utilizes benchmarking as a way to improve registration services rendered. Benchmarking enables Le Tourneau University to compare registration services with other colleges and universities of higher education which may ultimately lead to the identification, study, and adoption of best practices from other academic institutions to improve registration services and encourage students to go to college (Town 8).

Since benchmarking is a powerful tool which aids in improvements within Le Tourneau University by providing a mechanism by which services offered by the university are meticulously assessed to examine and understand what areas need improvement, both current students, as well as prospective studies, should partake in this benchmark. For example, benchmarking may potentially lead to expansion by implementing new academic areas of study which more and more students have been interested in. This will ultimately result in increased registration as more students in the demographic area will be utterly interested in a particular major or minor. An increased number of students correlate to more money for the university which serves as a win-win situation for those involved. Benchmarking supports decisions made by the university regarding investment and resource allocation (Franklin 357). Overall, registration benchmarking should be performed by the student population as they are directly affected by the decisions made by the university. Registration benchmarking helps Le Tourneau University achieve efficiency and effectiveness in attracting more students.

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