Sample Letter: Customer Service Presentation

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To: Mr. John Dow

Subject: Thank you and response to customer service presentation.

Mr. Dow:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to hold up to the offer that you made on providing feedback upon your presentation yesterday.  I found the presentation, in general, to be quite interesting and intriguing, and I hope that the comments that I will be able to provide will help to make your presentation even better future audiences that you give it to.  That being said, here is my opinion about your choice to use The Guest within your presentation and thoughts on whether or not you should continue to use this film is an example of proper customer service. In my opinion, exemplary customer service can be seen in Nordstroms' performance reviews.

After viewing the film The Guest I feel that you could make some changes to the way in which you use it within your presentation.  I definitely thought the general message that the video gives is quite necessary for the field of customer service: treat the customer as you would treat a guest within your own home (The Guest).  I can clearly see the merit in the use of this video within your presentation for that matter.  The film’s use of humor and realistic characters is quite useful in helping the audience connect to the message that the film gives off (The Guest).  I would be willing to make the claim that it most likely helps a good proportion of the members of the audience that you are presenting to relate and take in the message that the film is pushing. 

There are some issues that I had with the film as well.  The largest of which is that the film was clearly made some time ago.  Being that it is a rather dated training video, certain aspects that the individual that is in the customer service field will have to deal with are not mentioned within the video; by this I am, of course, speaking about modern technologies that play an integral role within our everyday lives.  The largest daily distraction that is not at all mentioned about dealing with is in the form of the cell phone.

Customer service positions are eventually going to have to deal with a customer that is on a cell phone at some point, and this can present a unique set of challenges to the employee.  The majority of customers that are using cell phones when they enter an establishment will be polite and thoughtful of their surroundings, but there will come a time when a customer that enters an establishment will be caught up in their own world and be rather disrespectful of those around them.  This particular challenge comes to the employee as they will most likely be treated as an afterthought and are likely to become agitated with the actions of that particular customer, however, the employee must remain calm, cool, and collected under this circumstance and be able to deal with that customer in a polite, professional manner.  

So, what I am suggesting to you is to keep the film in your presentation, but to only show segments that are the most important for the audience.  This will keep them the most engaged and be able to hear the most important aspects of the film in a shorter time thusly keeping their attention throughout the duration of the viewing.  Additionally, I would suggest that you give special attention to the more modern issues that those in the customer service industry will have to deal with during their time as an employee, specifically with dealing with modern technology and the customer.  An example is a communications case study involving a busy pharmacist and a customer.

I hope that my suggestions are helpful to you and that they will make your presentation even more efficient and effective at helping your audience understand the value and importance of proper customer service.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and would like to thank you once more for taking the time to make your presentation to my colleagues and myself.

Many thanks,