Sample Letters: Manager and Customer

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Letter 2

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Dear Mr. Martin,

On September 15th, 2012 you wrote a letter to our office regarding your frustration with the company. Mainly, your chief concern was that when you went on vacation, we continued to send letters threatening to discontinue your water service. However, you maintained that you have promptly called us in advance and notified us ahead of time for your trip. You also mentioned that because your water meter is located inside your home, it has been a problem that we did not adequately accommodate our service to meet those unique requirements. Finally, and most importantly, you remarked that since you have a hot water boiler, denying water to it would be a major security issue for not just your home, but the entire neighborhood. 

Clearly, you have addressed all of these serious concerns with us in a timely and appropriate manner. You have also been an extremely loyal and patient customer with the Smithville Water Division. I have taken the first corrective steps (per your instructions) by researching your situation and speaking with the customer service representatives that were appointed to your account. I have initiated both a long term and short term solution to the problem so that it does not happen again. Firstly, I have made another note on your account and notified all staff members assigned to your geographical region that you have an annual vacation every year and it is pertinent that the water meter situation is addressed correctly on our end. Long term, I have initiated a change to our training and reporting system so that these kinds of mistakes do not fall under the cracks like they did in your instance. Finally, in order to endorse faith in our competence and show our appreciation, I have approved a twenty-five dollar credit to your account that will be applied to your next water bill.

When it comes to your satisfaction and the security of your home and neighborhood, we really understand your perspective. As customers, it is important that your voice is heard and we did a poor job of doing that on multiple occasions. All of your concerns were legitimate, reasonable and appropriate given the severity of the situation. I personally would have been a little angrier and brash, so I appreciate your patience in this matter.

Finally, please keep in mind that we are all human and our company is doing everything it can to improve our communications and customer service and offering to you. We take these kinds of situations very seriously and vigorously work to address them in a timely manner. I can safely say that our entire customer base is going to benefit from the letter that you wrote to us. In offering a billing credit, a short term and long term solution, I hope that you can see how we are willing to adapt and change our workflow in order to better serve you.


Billing Department Manager.

Letter 2 

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Dear Mr. Johnson,

In being a Cox customer for over 5 years, your company has provided wireless internet, television and phone service to my home. Upon becoming a customer, the initial sales representative ensured me that purchasing the three-in-one bundle of services for $74.99 per month would be the most adequate solution for my family, who was deemed as a power-user of internet and media services. However, in the last five months, our monthly rate has gone up by $30.00 and our quality of service has declined substantially.

In the last three months specifically, there have been numerous internet outages at my residence or unusable internet speeds. In two instances, I had to personally drive my daughter to a public library (located 12 miles away from my home on a Sunday morning) so that she could finish her school project with internet research. Moreover, I could not work from home during a few critical times where I had to complete projects. We do not waste time on the internet - there is always a legitimate and critical need for its usage. When I called several times to address the issue, I was instructed that I needed to reset my internet modem or buy a new wireless router. I have purchased two new routers and have had a total of five conversations with your customer support staff. Each time, I was promptly told that there was no technical issue on your end and that it was a user error on our part. 

In light of me paying a premium price for the best internet service and connectivity that you offer, I think you can agree that your company did not live up to its creed of being a reliable provider of internet-related services (a statement that is proudly listed on each and every bill that I receive). The one time that a technician showed up to my home, I had to take a whole day off of work in order to be there during the 9-5 time period that was given to me. When he showed up, he tracked mud inside my home and did nothing but reset the modem as I did. I not only lost money from my absence from work but had to inconvenience myself on numerous days in order to help my daughter complete her school work from a remote location.

I would like to request two months of credits towards my bill for my inconvenience as well as another technician to visit my home and find out the root cause of the problem. If it cannot be fixed, then I would request a forfeit of my contract so that I can find another vendor for internet related services. 


John Smith