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Gary Goldberg, using his creativity to expand his business ventures, would next come up with a business concept called Squadlocker. On Harvard’s athletic fields, about 4 years ago after enjoying his son play in a tournament game, Gary Goldberg became inspired. The overall participation and comradery of the sporting event and the kids looking their best sparked an innovative idea. It clicked with Gary when he noticed a sea of various uniforms and combinations worn by the players. Gary’s curiosity sparked questions of team apparel: How does it get done today? How can technology make the experience of buying team gear and apparel simpler? How can technology be used to create a unique opportunity that unleashes a torrent of demand?

Gary knew from past experience that going forward, this was a winning business combination. He realized that uniforms are not easy to supplement when it comes to dressing a team, club or school. Prior to the Squadlocker venture, Gary had been supplementing Ivy League schools with their prep jackets and had learned small deviations in sizes or colors can be excessively expensive due to minimum quantity purchase from the suppliers. 

Gary set out to develop Squadlocker, an online creative apparel technology experience designed to change the behavior of the entire industry. Squadlocker created an interface, to name a few, that cut out the order minimum requirements, batch processing, and week-long wait times for production.  It formulated tools that facilitate and make convenient the search, selection, and purchasing of the best team gear and uniforms at competitive prices. Squadlocker went for a customer direct approach, no longer limiting the consumer to the small “mom and pop” team dealers, thereby reducing counterfeit items

Today, Squadlocker has completely disrupted the market through its on-demand process. The outdated way of production of batch orders, minimum orders, and one-time order windows taking upwards of 25 days are long gone – Squadlocker has revolutionized the process to order-level production, no minimums and virtual stores that never close as well as decreased delivery times to a maximum of only 7 days. SquadLocker’s target market is not just parents and players; they aim to provide assistance to league managers, athletic directors, sports media, and coaches. As sports are a team effort, Gary also keeps this same mentality on a business scale; his management team is comprised of parents who can easily relate to the consumers. Not only is the site’s navigation effortless, it quickly attracts the consumer’s eye with engaging photos and the promise to have a full team in uniform within two weeks’ time. Gary Goldberg has also humanized a once bland and impersonal industry by making the experience organic, interactive and personable through on-site chats and blogs, dedicating time each night to interface with the customers. The process he developed has proven to be seamless and develops a loyal team culture of regular customers; the returns process is to the customers liking, ensuring product quality with ease of returns and reorders. 

Squadlocker is truly a one of a kind design due to the inquisitive imagination of Gary Goldberg, and it shows today with an impressive 132% sales growth, a number that is expected to expand with passing time. As a father, he is able to relate to other parents on a deeper level, creating unique connections that result in long-lasting business relationships. His commitment to creating an enjoyable, personal experience for each customer and player has resulted in an extremely successful business. With Gary’s efficient combination of a unique concept and invaluable customer service skills, SquadLocker is sure to remain successful for years to come.


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