SWOT Analysis: Leading Auto Company

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In a SWOT analysis, the strength means to examine the characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others. One of the greatest strengths of Leading Auto Company is producing automobiles at an affordable price. Examining threats are a way to combat them, and that combat is aided with an examination of opportunities.


In the SWOT analysis, the weaknesses portion means to examine characteristics that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others. One of the greatest weaknesses of Leading Auto Company is that they currently have a very low customer service rating because they took a government bailout, and there are many people who do not appreciate that companies engage in this practice. Another weakness is that the company has a large turnover rate, at one time 40 percent, and that turns away from the quality of the product and the happiness of the company overall.


In the SWOT analysis, the opportunities portion means to examine elements that the project could exploit to its advantage. Opportunities can be revealed with a thorough performance needs assessment. There are opportunities for Leading Auto Company in that their name is established and they do have a chance to use the old connotation that stands with a company that produces reliable, affordable automobiles. Their dealer scorecard is another way to add more positives to their name; if they have great employees, they may be able to use that to their advantage. There is also an opportunity to update technology and open up their audience to those who care about the environment.


In the SWOT analysis, the threats portion means to examine the elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project. The biggest threats for Leading Auto Company, of course, are the bigger, currently more reliable names in the U.S. automobile industry (GM, Toyota, and Ford). Because at the moment, Leading Auto’s vulnerability is that there are not many consumers that trust their name. Also, technology should be updated in order to help their namesake become more established in the modern day.


Leading Auto Company would benefit greatly from conducting a SWOT analysis for their company. This analysis would help the company turn its weaknesses and threats into positives, and understand how to move on in a more positive direction. It is vital that to make a change, Leading Auto Company must be able to look at the negatives and work hard to turn these into positives that work for them.