The Boston Marriott Peabody

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The Peabody Marriot Hotel has larger facilities than the Wylie Inn and provides the space and resources for a variety of events and receptions. The Wylie Inn, however, offers a waterfront view. The Peabody, though larger and in a different setting, offers similar components as the Wylie and Hilton Hotels are considered competitors.

Accommodation: The Boston Marriot Peabody, like the Wylie Inn, offers accommodation for the attendees of events at the property. The Peabody is 6 floors and offers 254 guest rooms and 3 suites, while the Wylie Inn offers 92. For the month of June, the high season for the Peabody, the average room rate is $189 without having booked an event. Rooms can be reserved in conjunction with a wedding at a rate of $140, with the proper notice (based on a phone interview with staff at the Peabody). The Wylie Inn’s average room rate in June is $199. Up to 10 rooms may be booked for the weekend of a wedding for $149. Both the Boston Marriot Peabody and the Wylie Inn said that corporate rates are dependent upon previous agreements with hotel operations and can vary. The Wylie Inn offers a room for the attendee of a conference at a rate of $139-179 in the month of June. Similarly, the Boston Marriot Peabody gives discounts, though the staff member did not provide specifics.

Capacity: The Peabody Marriot’s Grand Ballroom is 4,717 square feet can serve up to 400 guests for a reception. The hotel offers 8 meeting rooms and 10,735 square feet of total meeting space. The Wylie Inn’s ballroom can only hold 140 guests for a reception. However, it offers 17,500 square feet of meeting space with 26 meeting rooms. The Wylie Inn has a 200 guest capacity. The Peabody offers all of its 254 rooms to guests of an event.

Food and Beverage: Both the Peabody and the Wylie Inn offer a kitchen with a variety of catering options. The Peabody also has Sophia’s Restaurant in the hotel, which offers traditional American cuisine. Both have a liquor license and offer a large section of wine, beer, and cocktails. The pricing below reflects the host bar’s selection for a private event:

(Table omitted for preview. Available via download)

Business center: Both the Peabody and the Wylie Inn offer full-service business centers with wifi connection, printing, AV equipment, and business services.

Location: The Boston Marriot Peabody is closer to interstate 95, downtown Boston, and Logan International Airport. The Wylie Inn offers a sea view. Both offer complimentary parking to guests.

Facilities: Though these facilities are not on-site, guests at the Wylie have access to a pool and a gym at adjacent colleges. The Peabody offers an indoor pool, a whirlpool, and a fitness center, which may be found on site.


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