Tanaka: Our Company in a Larger Context

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The existence of any company within a respective industry will have far-reaching effects on the larger context of the business world and beyond, especially when applying great trade principles with large, multi-national corporations. Tanaka, a major technology organization based in Japan, has recently completed negotiations to begin doing business in Tropicalia and Paradisio. Partnering with ElectroParadys in a 55%/45% capacity was a major negotiation point to help secure Tanaka’s existence in this emerging, but not quite stable market that recently became a part of EXCOM. The final negotiations that led to Tanaka’s emergence in this market system will affect other companies, the countries where the electronics are manufactured and sold, the economies and government of such places, and the people who live there.

ElectroParadys is perhaps the largest contender in the negotiations by Tanaka since their revenue will directly correspond with ours in this partnership that is not quite equal. Paradisio, where our product will be shipped and assembled will be more affected than Tropicalia, although these markets are linked. The government has a strong history of involvement in business ventures and the technology sector, and allowing Tanaka to business there will affect the larger scope of the economy, the perception of the increasingly democratic government there, and the general well-being of the citizens of this region.

The effects of Tanaka’s expansion have a rippling effect from the business level all the way down to the personal lives of those who live in the places the company conducts business. The people of Paradisio and Tropicalia have undergone rapid change over the past 60 or so years. The drastic changes in government and economic setup will continue to develop as companies like Tanaka invest in their market. Although our negotiations with Paradisio have come to a non-compete agreement that blocks out our competitors, even our existence in the once closed-off market is a step in the right direction for the development of this country. While Tanaka’s existence in the EXCOM market will hopefully benefit all parties involved as far as economic development through a more liberal market, tariff payment, and job-creation, Tanaka is also dedicated to helping on the ground level by donating 1% of profits to social interest projects in Paradisio where it will be largely involved.