Tools for Advancement in the Workplace

The following sample Business paper is 470 words long, in APA format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 346 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

1. In response to the candidate attempting to gain promotion with their current employer – Although the pay plan of a lateral shift may be parallel to what you are earning now, lateral shifts can be advantageous to anyone pursuing a promotion. Your work ethic will reflect a sense of flexibility and willingness by acquiring a different skill set and taking on contrasting responsibilities. To sway the managerial staff to gain a promotion, demonstrate your readiness to compromise and understand that promotions, whether lateral or higher-up, can reflect a greater sense of responsibility, not just a financial gain.

2. The fundamental characteristics of the candidate attempting to gain internal promotion are compromise, eagerness, and affirmation. Assertion is inherent to promotion-themed communication initiated by the employee. As a result, when a conversation occurs between employer and employee, the employee must demonstrate a willingness to consider various options, regardless if they are aligned with their current career goal.

3. To achieve growth within the organization, this candidate needs to approach the conversation with knowledge surrounding the financial placement of their company. For example, the candidate mentions the financial state of the government organization is not stable and the room for growth does not encompass a financial promotion. With such knowledge, a promotion to gain income is unfeasible and therefore, the conversation should express a want for financial gain in the future, but a current desire for additional responsibility. This candidate should express flexibility if a compromise is offered and patience if a promotion is obtainable but within a given timeline as opposed to immediate.

4. The candidate did not have results to share. Therefore, I cannot offer a response to the outcome. However, demonstrating key characteristics and tips will ensure the employee has a valuable conversation with their employer.

1. In response to the candidate seeking a higher pay scale in their current position – Conducive to increasing income, develop a strategic performance plan in which you can rise to performance levels where bonuses are offered. This method will encourage motivation and ensure that outstanding individual employee performance is awarded financial gain.

2. Like the first candidate, this person must demonstrate a willingness to compromise if the pay proposal is in a different format or timeline than preferred by the employee.

3. To achieve the pay structure desired, this candidate must be willing to accept an offer outside a typical salary increase. This includes earning bonuses and commissions by achieving sales levels determined by the managerial staff. If neither bonuses nor commissions are offered, this candidate must express patience in the prospects of higher grade pay with a higher-level position.

4. Just like to first candidate, this person had no results to share. Therefore, I cannot offer a response to the situation.