Truck Driver Orientation and Training

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In the video “What to Expect at Truck Driver Orientation/Training,” developed by Schneider trucking company, the desired learning outcomes that are to be attained through the orientation process and training include the ability to operate your truck safely and efficiently, the ability to perform the necessary paperwork to initiate and complete freight deliveries, the ability to balance both work and home life and the ability to maintain effective communication with both your employer and your family while out on the road.

The features of Schneider’s training program that will make the attainment of these learning outcomes possible are broken up into different phases throughout the training program. Phase 1 will emphasize time in the classroom over road work in the truck, though there will be instances where driving in the truck will be both allowed and necessary. This classroom time will instruct the new employee on several different subjects that will be crucial to becoming a successful employee. Subjects that will be covered include the procedures needed to be mastered to effectively use the paper logs that come with each truck and its freight, the different types of permits that will be carried by each individual truck and what they mean for the driver and general knowledge regarding the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of your delivery truck. In addition to this, the new employee will be spending time in the Schneider CDL simulator, which will make certain that the employee is accustomed to handling the nuances of larger vehicles like the trucks employed by Schneider, before being given control of the wheel on the road. The second phase of the training program will take place almost exclusively on the road and behind the wheel, as the new employee will be instructed to go on a ride-along delivery with a “training technician,” who is a Schneider driver. The training technician will take you out on a delivery, show you how to obtain your meals, give you advice regarding the truck and your deliveries, and get the new employee accustomed to life as a driver.


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