USA Payroll: Millennial Generation

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Describe the Strengths of Existing HR Practice

When it comes to providing human resource services that are catered to the millennial generation, the company USA Payroll, Inc. has some really visible strengths. For example, they offer a completely online and web-based environment for their employees and customers. This is a strength for the millennial generation because younger workers are familiar with web-based services and find them much quicker rather than dealing with a person. Also, because this company offers HR services that are completely web-based on an FAQ section, millennials have access to resources away from their work environment.  

Weaknesses of HR Practice

However, the web-based HR environment for this company has its weaknesses because there is no one directly there to answer to when they have a question in the office or location. Without an on-premise person and outsourcing instead, this causes a lack of attention, which millennial workers can perceive to be mismanagement or a lack of consideration for their needs. Such negligence is surely a weakness because this generation may be more likely to find another job that meets their needs in terms of evidence-based HR management.

Recommendation to Turn Weaknesses into Strength

In order to fix this potential weakness, this company can offer a hybrid solution where there is a person on-premise to answer any questions and handle the day to day duties of the company, while still focusing on the efficiency of an outsourcing model. This is a great solution for this weakness because the cost savings and efficiency of the outsourced model are still there while the benefits of having an on-premise person are there too. In this way, millennials can feel more comfortable and not be referred to as merely a “number.”