Facilitating Employee Communication

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As director of the swim program, I do not feel that the “How to Be an Outstanding Communicator” is the most effective course of action for dealing with the issues between my two employees. It seems that the seminar is geared toward people who have undesired communication patterns and a difficult time communicating their needs and ideas due to a lack of self-confidence. If their issues were with simply getting their points across in an environment in which they find it difficult, then this would be a viable option, but neither employee seems to hesitate when it comes to communicating. If anything, these two are too comfortable sharing their opinions (which are often contradictory for the sake of it). While both employees do sometimes have valid arguments to raise, I do not feel that either would benefit from becoming more persuasive and direct.

While “How to Be an Outstanding Communicator” is not the best way to diffuse the situation between these co-workers, I have found three webinars from which I think they both could benefit. I recommend they take “Create Better Understanding Through Active Listening,” “Breaking Bad Communication Habits,” and “How to Work Effectively with People Who Act, Think & Work SO Differently from You!” The first would help them become better listeners, which I think is often the problem between them. I think “Breaking Bad...” would be helpful for helping my more sarcastic employee learn to be less abrasive and my more anxious employee, less flustered. The last webinar would help them see why their personality types put them at odds and how to work together. Because they are both good people who want what is best for our program, they should be willing to cooperate. The webinars will be beneficial for both of them.

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