Transmittal Letter and Executive Summary for Internet Marketing Strategies Paper

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Dear Mr. Doe,

We have enjoyed speaking with your company about possible internet marketing strategies and have developed a number of methods that we believe will help you reach new customers. In response to your inquiry, this paper will discuss these marketing strategies in detail and explain how they will impact and improve your business. In particular, we will address methods to better use the email and social media marketing techniques your business utilizes.

We would like to thank you for your business and cooperation in helping us decide which strategies will best fit your unique situation, as well as thank your various employees who have worked so graciously with us. We look forward to working with you in the future and ensuring that your marketing strategies are as effective as possible.


Jane Doe

Executive Summary

This report will outline the findings of the study of the applications of various internet marketing strategies that was conducted on behalf of Adams Electronics, Incorporated. We have found that to effectively use the internet as a marketing tool a multi-pronged utilization of various marketing techniques must be utilized. This helps a business identify the desires of customers, as well as increase communication and build a relationship with the customer base. By enacting these marketing changes Adams Electronics will be able to increase profitability through the effective engagement and attraction of customers.

The areas identified that are in need of expansion and further development according to the project are affiliate marketing through third party websites, blog marketing to foster greater personal connections with customers, email marketing to customers who chose to receive updates and information, search engine marketing to attract new customers, and social media marketing through websites like Facebook to ensure communication with customers.

By focusing on the available data regarding internet marketing techniques we have found that the areas most important to this company are email and social media marketing. While email marketing can be ineffective if it is unsolicited and therefore disregarded by customers, we have found that by creating a newsletter and prominently displaying the benefits of a subscription to customers a company can engage the customer base and easily and effectively supplant their primary marketing strategy. Furthermore, social media marketing creates unique opportunities for bilateral communication with customers and the opportunity to receive feedback. By utilizing these techniques Adams Electronics can easily and cost-effectively foster a great deal of goodwill and participation from the customer base, leading to increased sales and profitability.