Letter of Recommendation

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The first quality about [student’s name] that piqued my attention was how academically dedicated he was, and this observation was regularly confirmed by his teachers as well.  His approach to classroom time was attentive, diligent, and prompt.  He was virtually impossible to distract, and his commitment to curricular material regularly showed through his homework, which showed a mastery of the subject matter and was always on time, not to mention well-organized.  His essay and exam performance showed an analogous commitment to course material, and more.  He rarely seemed satisfied answering questions, and was quick to explain his thought processes, reasoning, and so forth.  If he were the only student in the class, there would never be any reason to include the clause “justify your answer” or “support your conclusion” on an exam question; [Student’s name] was always eager to do so, and had a natural talent in articulating his positions and explaining his answers.

Yet, I would not want to give the impression that his academic abilities were without effort, or that he is an under-challenged boy-genius.  I have seen (as have his teachers) the dedication and hard work he puts forth to earn his grades and to apprehend subject matter.  He is not hesitant to ask questions or seek clarification.  He is not reclusive, but instead seeks out support from teachers and staff if he doesn’t understand an assignment or if he is uncertain how to proceed.  This willingness to communicate sets him apart.  We all have limitations and we all have questions, but his unintimidated mindset about seeking answers and in not being afraid to show humility by seeking help or support when he needs it makes him an archetypal example of how to be academically successful.

His social awareness and caring attitude are equally laudable.  I say this not only resultant from him not suffering from behavioral issues or by going peacefully unnoticed, but by being a positive force of kindness and consideration.  His teachers have told me that he is quick to support his peers, and that they may even approach him before they approach staff for help in understanding an assignment.  He is quick to even volunteer the help when he senses that it is needed, and he seems to have an uncanny ability to appreciate when others are overwhelmed or otherwise distraught, as well as an equally appropriate sense of how to interact with them in such instances.

Summarily, I’m sure that he would be a welcome addition to your campus, and I haven’t a single doubt that he possess the social and intellectual skills to find it highly rewarding.  If you have any additional questions, concerns, or required clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely [or closing of your choice],

Name, title, [phone number/email].