Toys “R” Us Makes SMS Linchpin In Strategy To Reach Busy Parents On-the-go

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Borison (2013) examines the well-integrated retail strategy of Toys "R" Us in capitalizing on the promotional avenues by which they can communicate with consumers. This she describes as a combination of SMS marketing and business communication practicing.

There are specific aspects that denote why the company has been a success in its mobile marketing campaigns: consumers are driven by what they perceive as being deals; the longevity of the brand and the extensive dynamics of how toys and toy-oriented products can be marketed.

The author argues that SMS offers to connect the company to the consumer thereby allowing for a continual relationship on the business communication front and effective capturing of the marketplace against competitors.

Given the increase in technology, Borison (2013) asserts that technical communication is where the bulk of business success lies and what will continue to allow Toys “R” Us to sustain itself in the minds of consumers.

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