Grade Remediation Letter

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Dear Mom and Dad,

I just wanted to write this letter to let you know how sorry I am. I know this year I kind of let you down. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I did really well this semester either. I got a C+ in gerontology and an incomplete in history class because I missed a test. I have to make it up this fall. 

I guess the only way I can explain it is that for the first time, I was on my own to make my own choices. It feels good to be able to make my own choices and do what I want. I made some wrong choices this year, and it taught me that I was free to do what I want, but that’s not what being an adult is all about. Sure, I’m free to make my own decisions now, but the only person that suffers from the consequences of those decisions is me. Not only that, I can’t blame anyone else for my poor performance except for me. No one else is responsible for that. Being an adult means taking responsibility for oneself. It means that I have to take care of business first, take care of my responsibilities. 

I know I really messed up. You guys gave me such a great opportunity to attend school here, and I disappointed you. When grandma died, I saw that our time is limited here on earth, and I can make a great difference as grandma did. At least, she made a great difference to me. I want to do something, make a difference. I don’t know what it is yet, but I do know that I need to settle down and look at the task at hand. I have to bring my grades up and no longer squander my education. 

I hope you are willing to give me another chance and see that I am sincere. I want to not only tell you that I am going to change, but I am going to show you I am going to change. I made a plan for how I am going to achieve this. I’m going to do it for Grandma. I want her to be proud of me. 

This is my plan to get good grades this coming semester: I will pay attention in class and use a tape recorder to tape all of my lectures. I will take good notes. Even though I hate reading, I will read all the textbook assignments before each lecture so it helps me learn the materials better. I will go to quiet areas where I can study undisturbed (like a quiet room in the corner of the library). I will plan out my weeks and segment times I need to study. I will break down my goals into short, easily attainable goals. I will learn to organize my time better. I will seek out supportive services here on campus to help me learn how to study and organize my time. I will start using flashcards for classes I have a lot of memorizing in. I will get a part-time job with the university. I will learn how to manage my stress better. I will get better at asking for help when I feel overwhelmed. I will become better at being realistic in time management.

When I have fun, I know that it will be because I did a great job meeting all of my responsibilities during the week. It will feel much better knowing I am having a good time because I’ve worked hard and I deserve to relax and have a little fun.

I love Grandma. I miss her. Please give me the chance to show her and you that I have what it takes. I want to show myself that I have what it takes to succeed in all of my goals and dreams. Please don’t give up on me, and I will show you that I will not give up too. 


Your child