Project Clean House

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For the part of Lane, Diane Keaton would be the best fit. Having started her career on stage it would be fitting that an older actress plays the part of a 50 year plus character. Diane has a subtle look, stern yet passionate. Given her role is that of a doctor with years of schooling and discipline required Ms. Keaton simply has the look and the restraint necessary to play the part. Another aspect to consider of Lane is her unwillingness to give orders to Matilde. There could be, and surely are, a number of reasons for this; but the fact remains she wants a clean house yet feels uncomfortable with putting her foot down. Diane Keaton has played numerous roles in her career. From “The First Wives Club” to “Something’s Gotta Give” she knows how to fill a role and accept the persona. She has the ability to embrace and embody both a character's charisma and ideology without tripping. In her role as Erica in “Something’s Gotta Give” her ability to pleasantly rebuff and standoff from divulging herself in a realistic and thoughtful manner is the specific quality making her perfect for the role of Lane.

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Image # 1: This seems quite appropriate for the attire of Lane for most of the play as she seems to equivocally hide behind her “doctor’s” identity. As Lane is a doctor and leads the life of a doctor the subtle reminder of this to the audience will help to keep her a bit antagonistic and authoritative in tandem. Towards the end when she learns to forgive the coat would come off to the impression of finding herself.

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Image # 2: This could very well see Matilde wearing the middle outfit for a costume design idea. This is Portuguese clothing which of course directly represents her origins. Yet the colors also represent mild innocence and coming of age, cleanliness (even though she hates cleaning).

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Image # 3: This is the perfect representation of the type of costume befitting Virginia. She seems a free spirit who isn’t afraid to rebel against opposing forces. Virginia strikingly resembles someone who is not traditional or wears what the latest trends are. As a free spirit, she embodies the culture of free will.

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