A Brighter Future for the War on Drug Violence: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Fantz, Ashley. "49 Headless Bodies -- Just Another Crime in Mexico Drug War?" CNN. Cable News Network, 17 May 2012. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

In this article, featured on CNN.com, Ashley Fantz details a horrific tragedy that took place on May 17th, 2012, in which 48 decapitated bodies were found on the side of a highway not far from the U.S. border. The murders were accredited to the Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel that has been in a long-documented feud with the Gulf Cartel. Fantz, a prominent crime and justice journalist, conducted an interview with fellow journalist Mexico-based Ioan Grillo, who has provided long-term coverage and insight on the drug war. Unlike the other articles in this bibliography, Fantz’s interview with Grillo provides a local, civilian point of view regarding how cartel activity, petty drug deals, as well as the action/inaction of local authorities, influence the community.

Soto, Onell R. "Planning, Persistence Paid off | The San Diego Union-Tribune." Planning, Persistence Paid off | The San Diego Union-Tribune. San Diego Union-Tribune, 18 Aug. 2006. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

In this article, Onell Soto, distinguished writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, describes the events leading up to the arrest of Francisco Javier Arellano Félix, leader of the Arellano Félix drug cartel. Arellano and other top leaders of the infamous drug cartel had been in the sights of the DEA agents and other local authorities for years, making this arrest one of monumental proportions for the law enforcement officials involved. However, it is marked in the article that Arellano’s arrest will likely not bring an end to drug violence, as cartels will continue to compete for control. Dissimilar to the other articles featured in this bibliography, which cover various cartel arrests, this piece describes the step by step process that went into the identification, capture, and trial of one of the drug trade’s most nefarious leaders.

Thomson, Adam. "US Steps Up Fight against Mexican Drug Cartels with 43 Indictments. (World News)." The Financial Times. (2009): 4. Print.

In this article, published by The Financial Times, Adam Thomson relays the specifics of the U.S. government’s charges against 43 people with alleged connections to the Mexican drug cartel. The article primarily highlights the United States’ involvement in the drug war and President Obama’s emphasis on the importance of this role in the fight against organized crime in Mexico. Thomson, The Financial Times’ Mexico and Central America Correspondent, goes on to discuss Obama’s open support of Felipe Calderón’s efforts to control the dangerous cartel circuits in Mexico. Of those listed in this bibliography, this article provides the most significant narrative regarding U.S. involvement in Mexico’s drug war.

"Under the Volcano; Organised Crime in Mexico. (drug Cartels)." The Economist (US). 397.8704 (2010). Print.

This article, printed in The Economist, takes a unique point of view in comparison to the other pieces referenced in this bibliography—that of a former drug trafficker named Miguel. Miguel details what a normal day looked like for him in the drug business, before he was arrested and put in prison for five years. He expresses disdain at the lack of compassion exercised by Mexico’s president and authorities, toward those who fell into the business of drug trafficking due to lack of options. Alarming statistics on the number of deaths that Mexico has incurred since the conception of the cartel crack-down follow.