Cyberbullying: A Comprehensive Study

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Cyberbullying is any sort of bullying that takes place using electronic technology and is growing every day. It's considered the new face of bullying. Usually, Cyberbullying is psychological in nature, because the victim and bully are, most of the time, in two different places. 25% of teenagers report being cyberbullied (Hinduja and Patchin, 2008) and those numbers are increasing, as technology becomes more widespread. Any type of cybercrime is difficult to summarize, and even more difficult to combat. There are so many types of cybercrime that cyberbullying seems tame in comparison, even though it is a huge issue. This modern bullying is becoming as big a problem for teenagers as actual, physical bullying, even though nary a finger is being laid on the teen.

This research was gathered from a number of credible sources in the Cyberbullying field. Numerous statistics and studies were examined, and, using these statistics, this research paper aims to: Determine the underlying factors that affect Cyberbullying; Examine Cyberbullying’s effects on teenagers and how certain demographics are affected more than others; Look beyond Cyberbullying at how it can evolve to include more heinous forms of cyber-crime; and Formulate possible solutions to combat Cyberbullying.

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