Drug Dealing in the Court of Law

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Individuals who have realistic excuses can leave the courthouse and go home.  The rest of the potential jurors are split into groups based on what case they may need to be a juror for.  The rest of the individuals are questioned to make sure that they will not be prejudiced and therefore, not make a decision based on their prejudice as depicted in the legal drama 12 Angry Men.  The judge determines the best-suited jurors after the questioning based on who he/she thinks will be the least prejudiced.  The selected jurors are led back into the courtroom where they are given a seat in the juror box. Creating a good first impression with the jury is the most important part of the opening statements.  A lawyer can only provide an overview of the situation but is not allowed to make their argument in the opening statements.  The lawyer also wants to provide a setting for the jury so they can get a feel for what the setting was like when the crime took place. The reliability of forensic science may also be called into question.

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