For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

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While legalizing the employment of illegal immigrants causes the government to lose tax money for unaccounted individuals, they should be hired because they serve a pivotal purpose in the US economy. For example, since illegal immigrants are undocumented, employers (nor them) have to pay taxes to the US government. So, while these individuals consume public resources such as schools, government services and more, they are not contributing to it. This makes illegal immigrant employment a financially bad move for the US. However, there are overbearing economic benefits that should legalize immigrant employment.

Mainly, illegal immigrants work jobs other Americans do not want to and are integral in the US’ agricultural output. Since working in fields and various restaurants are arduous work, many Americans have moved toward working in the service economy with the absence of more manufacturing jobs. Because of this, there is a dire need for workers and illegal immigrants to fill this gap. Consider a Michigan farmer's words on how important immigrants are:  

‘An audit would force us to fire 70% to 80% of our workers,’ said Fred Leitz, a fourth-generation Michigan farmer employing 250 seasonal workers. ‘The people working the fields and harvesting the crops that feed our nation need work authorization’. (Jordan 1)

While taxes are being averted in this situation, the illegal immigrants do make up for their own existence by supplying our nation’s grocery stores and restaurants with manual labor. Holistically, this contributes to the US economy in many more ways than the losses of tax evasion are. Illegal immigrants may cause some problems for our nation such as receiving healthcare that some citizens may not, but they are still an important part of our national economy.

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