Admissions Essay for Administrative Services Program

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I was intrigued to learn about La Verne’s Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential program.  I was searching specifically for additional credentialing in a program that included real-school situations facing real-world problems, not only theoretical classroom instruction, and so was very pleased to see this emphasis.  Additionally, I appreciate the mentoring and coaching in your instructional method, as I have both found it effective in my own learning and believe it to be one of the most effective when working with experienced professionals, such as myself.  As I am a busy educator, the flexible schedule and online learning platform will both allow me to pursue this credential and apply what I am learning in my current situation.  As I envision most of my classmates are in similar situations, this creates an exciting opportunity for me to both learn and grow individually and become part of a dynamic community of educators who are committed to improving our schools and students’ opportunities.  

Professionally, I meet the requirements for previous credentials and education required by the pogrom.  I bring extensive and progressive experience in education, making this credential a logical additional skill set for me.  I have over twenty years’ experience teaching secondary students, at-risk youth, and adults in challenging situations, helping them achieve their academic and vocational goals.  In addition, I have successfully developed program curriculum, integrated technology into this curriculum and the classroom setting, and train other staff in implementing these instructional changes.  As a native Spanish speaker, I was also able to offer critical instruction and support to Hispanic families, many of whom were limited in their educational options by language. 

Administratively, I have overseen budgeting and purchasing at the department level.  Never willing to settle for less than what our students and staff deserve, I have also proactively pursued funding where budgets were short or program needs and opportunities arose, successfully writing and implementing grants for special programs.  This led me to an interest in moving from direct instruction to a more administrative role, one where I could not only impact the lives of students, but also of other staff and develop effective and innovative programming to meet our community’s many needs.  I would like to combine an administrative role with implementation of technological resources so often lacking in educational organizations.  I have a distinct passion for both education technology and instructional development, and the work that I have completed in the field of vocational instruction has provided me with an opportunity to help many individuals better themselves both in an emotional and academic sense, both through utilization of technology in instruction and training them in these skill sets.  The completion of this program will provide me with the credentials to achieve even more in this area.

Personally, you will find me positive and collegial, always willing to lend a hand and support both my students and my coworkers.  As do most educators, I have experience working independently and solving problems on my own, but also have served the district in team roles, where I worked collaboratively with other district staff to solve problems and meet community needs.  I am a dedicated and organized student, able to manage a flexible and self-directed schedule and take advantage of the educational opportunities presented to me; I am not applying to the University of La Verne just to get a piece of paper but to become equipped to make a difference as a more effective educator and educational leader.  

Our current educational system fails to meet the needs of many students; I have seen this both at the secondary level and in adults returning to secure academic preparation they missed when they were in traditional school.  While I was honored to teach in adult programming, we need an educational system that does not result in so many adults coming back to learn high school or lower material.  My goal is to address some of these needs in our school district through additional equipping as an educator and leader.  The Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential at the University of La Verne is the best way for me to achieve this goal, and I appreciate your time and consideration in evaluating my application for admission.