Business Class Reflection

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The class Analysis of Business Issues was a thoroughly enjoyable class to take because it tackled a multitude of issues and topics that I found to be both interesting and relevant to the business world, such as startup investments.  There were several aspects of this class that I found to be very enjoyable, which helped me to understand the topics that we discussed, written about, and generally learned during the length of the course.  What I found to be the most beneficial for my own learning was the way in which the topics were organized and introduced, the discussions held about the topics, and assignments that seemed to be relevant and provide skills that I will be able to use in my professional career. 

Entering the course, I felt that I had a very basic understanding of the general business issues, but my depth of knowledge on the subject was not impressive by any means.  The sheer amount of detail and structure that this course provided was able to increase my subject knowledge drastically, but that was not the only benefit that I gained from taking the course.  This course really opened my eyes to the fact that to truly understand and comprehend a particular subject matter, an individual must be willing to look at the relevant issues with an extreme focus on detail.  The types of assignments that were given over the course further drove this fact home.  I feel that the assignments such as creating sample emails challenged my knowledge and really helped me to think about the issues analytically.  The skills I gained from completing not only the papers but assignments such as the resume and cover letter have provided me with a skill set that I feel will be beneficial for years to come.  Overall, this class was well worth taking, and I am pleased by the work I have done and the amount that I learned.