Statement in Support of My College Transfer Application

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I would like to thank you for considering my request for transfer. As requested, I have provided a statement regarding my reasons for wishing to transfer to your institution. I am currently enrolled in the Medical Science Honors Program at Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn maintaining a 3.8 GPA. My desire is to continue my undergraduate education in preparation for medical school and then ultimately on to a subspecialty in surgery of the spine. To satisfy my appetite for knowledge regarding the human neurological system, I plan to participate in neuroscience research while I complete my preparation for medical school. 

I am very excited about anything to do with medicine and science. I have held numerous volunteer positions at the hospital, completed three internships in biochemistry, biology, and psychology, and am engaged socially on my current campus. I am a member of the Gastronomy Club where I share my love of all kinds of food with others and serve as a chemistry tutor for undergraduates. However, despite all these good things I am doing, I am still condemned in my family and community. 

I am a male Muslim raised in a traditional Islamic family where all of our social outlets; friends, neighbors, and relatives, were all devout Muslim and strayed from modernity. Things were going along fine until I realized that I was a homosexual when this became known to my Muslim friends and family I was completely shunned and ostracized. It breaks my heart to see my family choose their ideas over their son. Although I have been shunned, I press on, I devour every positive experience I can by working hard in the field I am so deeply passionate about. 

I believe that medicine is not only an incredibly fascinating intellectual career, but it is also among the noblest of the helping professions. To acquire the skill to help make lives better one person at a time gives is a thrilling prospect for me. I think that my profound concern for others comes from how hurtful others have been to me, and I want to change that, I want to lift people up and celebrate their beautiful diversity, not crush them into the dirt. I believe my course of study and desired field is indeed a calling, and I want to answer that call. I wish to be free of the distraction of growing up in this community that I sought love and gave love and once my sexuality challenged core beliefs, I was totally cut off and subjected to hate crimes as well. 

I know that I will succeed and flourish at your institution in part because I will be free of the distractions of my community. I will most certainly be an asset to your institution. I have already demonstrated academic success as well as interest in helping my fellow students in tutoring as well as having fun with them in the most enjoyable things we do together, we eat. I believe that a transfer to your school will give me a better chance to fully develop my intellectual abilities in the service of others. I do not want my story to be one of shame and despair, I want it to be one of optimism and success. I’ve done my best under these oppressive circumstances, and my best is well above the average student. I know I could do better and I sincerely hope that you will give me that chance. I sincerely hope to matriculate at your school and call you my alma mater as I continue into medical school and beyond. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration I most certainly am looking forward to speaking with you very soon.