College and Full-Time Employment

The following sample Education personal statement is 602 words long, in APA format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 461 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

What can I do, when I have to work full time while pursuing my business degree? As I have found out first hand, little to nothing other than making money. After trying to work full-time last semester during full-time studies, I knew I had to pick work or school. I chose school because I believe higher education not only will pay-off in the future but because I consider education intrinsically valuable in and of itself. Hence, why I am doing everything I can to support my schooling through alternative means now that I do not have any reliable means of income.

To be employed and pursue education is no easy task, and, while others have managed it, my learning style is different. I am a dedicated individual who does anything and everything with a 100% commitment. This is one of my greatest strengths for it allows me to totally focus on what I am doing. For me, if something is to be done, it must be done right. That means complete attention to detail, thoroughness, and precision in executing my goals. The fact that I have made it as far as I have in school is largely built on my focusing power.

The trade-off, however, is that this same strength is a weakness at times like these when I cannot totally focus on my desired subject without serious cost. Though many people say ‘freedom is not free’, the harder thing to accept is that education is not either. Whether this reflects a lack of education on behalf of the country’s political, academic, and economic institutions is beside the point. What matters is that there is a price to pay for getting ahead in America, and many people question college affordability.

Unfortunately, their inability to pay is often equated to an inability in other areas of life as well, which is most unfair. Whether because of their family and social circumstances, learning style, or credit score, most people, i.e. more than half of all Americans, do not have what the money it takes to earn a degree. Fortunately, organizations such as yours have specialized in addressing our problem with scholarship loans.

This brings me to my point in writing this letter, a scholarship loan given to me from your institution would be an incredible blessing not only for me but for my family and community as well. I, more so than most I believe, am acutely aware of the struggles faced by those in the lower and lower-middle-class in advancing ourselves. When your peers seem to have all the money, chances, and connections, it can seem almost impossible to get ahead, especially in a fiercely competitive economic environment.

I am fully aware that the scholarship applicant group is no less competitive. Most of my friends have to apply for scholarships as well for them to afford college and not be ensnared in debt for years. Hence why, if I am not chosen for the scholarship loan, I will disappointedly understand. I just hope you understand, however, that I am fully prepared to do everything and more to deserve this loan. Education is a priceless gift, and I do not forget my benefactors. It is the duty of each to not only remember what they are given but to attempt to return it in their own way. Hence, I resolve to do everything I can to advance the cause of education for people like myself for years to come. Hopefully, I receive your scholarship so it is easier for me to do so. Thank you.