District 75 Mission and Vision Statement

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Vision Statement

The vision of district 75 is to build a staff capacity of quality teaching as the district works collaboratively with major stakeholders in the field of education including the superintendent, school principals, administrators, teachers, faculty members, and parents to promote inclusion of all students, mainstreaming students with disabilities and students without disabilities, to foster and raise the levels of academic, creative, moral, personal, and social growth, development, and success of the entire student population by creating an environment of self-directed thinkers through ongoing learning opportunities in home, school, and within the community.


The mission of District 75 is to promote an inclusive educational culture by building partnerships among major stakeholders to promote excellence, accountability, and fairness; thereby providing all students including the 23,000 with disabilities to become vigilantly observant and exceptionally driven participants in their own education and social experience. Improved academics and social skills for students begins by allotting administration, counselors, educators, speech language pathologists as well as physical and occupational therapists the opportunity to become innovative thinkers and effective leaders by continuously advancing their educational instruction in a dire effort to support the best practices in inclusive education. The district works in conjunction with these established partnerships to enhance the dissemination of information to all parents and guardians to ensure that each child receives the intervention, programs, and resources allocated to students within the demographic area. This platform will afford their child(ren) the opportunity to utilize the resources which support student achievement both in school and within the community.