Short Answer Responses to Coursework and Career Choices

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1. In Economics class I was assigned to a three-person group project that spanned for roughly half of a semester.  As an educational assignment, there were no predefined roles for each group member and instructions were simply that we work together to achieve an objective.  I took the leadership role not to steer the project in my own direction but rather to facilitate communication between the other two members of my group.  My partners were hesitant to lead so it was natural for me to assume this role.  During discussions I let them bring their own points to the table and gave my thoughts once they had time to illustrate their own ideas.

2. Outside of the scholarly realm, I am interested in property management.  I developed this interest, and knowledge of the subject working as a real estate agent.  Selling properties requires a large amount of creative thinking.  No two people are alike and customer interaction is crucial to a successful sale.  A real estate agent must be willing to adapt quickly to new ideas and techniques that arise, like properly staging a home, for the market moves incredibly quickly.  Sometimes the agent must try and see a subject from the client’s perspective, in order to properly rationalize and understand the client’s desires.  During down periods in the market, it is up to the individual to come up with new ideas to generate business.  My experience dealing with the multitude of variables required for successful sales has greatly improved my creative abilities.

3. My most significant challenge came during a particularly stagnant period in the real estate market.  I was suffering and could not find ways to increase my sales to acceptable levels.  I attempted a variety of strategies to no avail, and eventually sought the advice of a well-respected peer.  I learned that all people struggle in their professions, regardless of current standings, and that trusting in your own abilities is the most important factor in success.  The experience taught me that I have the ability to stay strong through tough times.  I continued working hard when things were not going my way, and I know this skill will benefit me in any career.  

4. I worked at a soup kitchen in Massachusetts called Haley house.  The kitchen served healthy meals to needy individuals in the area.  I distributed food and chatted with patrons to strengthen the friendly environment of the establishment.  The soup kitchen brought food to the needy and provided a stable location for people without homes or other items critical for healthy living.  My hope was that the establishment would give these individuals the strength to continue pursuing a better life when faced with harsh outlooks.  Such experiences have prepared me for a career in medicine.  I know that there are people in the world who need assistance, and hope that I can bring them some level of comfort through my practice.

5. I have always felt negative about the isolating tactics our society uses.  I've seen the isolation of Latina women in rural areas. The isolation also occurs often in school environments, although it is usually at younger ages.  From moving a lot as a child I know what it is like to be separated from one's comfort zone.  I have seen discrimination occur many times in school settings and it is often hard to work up the strength to intervene.  I have defended fellow students on occasion with mixed results.  The experiences taught me to open myself up to challenges, and to accept the consequences because I know what I am doing is a positive act.  I can contribute this openness to the university community.  Nuclear fields are not always well received, but I feel all options deserve a fair chance if they have the potential to benefit society.  Accepting and appreciating that which is different need not only apply to people, and my openness applies to individuals and ideas alike.

6. My goals are to never be complacent with my knowledge and self-improvement and to obtain a career that is truly rewarding.  It is easy to get caught up inhabit and the comfort of steady progression.  Achieving solid results in school is great but I try not to allow myself to get complacent in one area of success.  Prioritizing is crucial in maintaining one's progression in life and school.  My friends once asked me to accompany them out on the town on a night when I knew I had to write an 8-page paper.  Although I may have been able to do both, I declined the offer in order to prioritize my work.  In order to make up for my lack of availability that day, I took the same people out the next night when I was free.  Work will have priority sometimes as it moves me toward my career goals.  Nonetheless, I make sure to value social connections highly, for without them success in work brings far less joy to my life.  My drive to obtain a rewarding career is the motivation behind my application toward nuclear medicine.  I want a career that will help people because connections to other people are so important to individual happiness.