Smart Notebook Activity

The following sample Education essay is 623 words long, in APA format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 450 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

Smart Notebook Activity

1) Select 1 student from the student descriptions document that will be included in your “class”. Select a grade for your “class”.

2) Select the content area and the Common Core standards your lesson will address.

3) Create a title page in your SMART Notebook assignment that includes information from 1 & 2 (the age, student, content area, and standards).

4) Create your lesson and ensure it includes the following features:

Your lesson or activity should be at least 7 pages (not including your title page)

Text with appropriate fonts, sizes, color (for the students/age you select)

All gallery items and shapes must be made accessible to the greatest extent possible

Backgrounds and color schemes are appropriate for your students

Animation and sound

At least 1 page with multimedia (videos, links to websites, images, etc)

It should be simple and easy to navigate through your presentation. All links, buttons, and navigational tools should work and be accessible.

Description of Ella:

Ella Intellectual Disability (mild). Ella is a very sociable member of the class. Her classmates enjoy working with Ella in small groups, and there are concerns about mainstreaming with other students. She struggles with understanding many basic concepts and must work on skills many times before mastering them. She often becomes discouraged and frustrated when working on difficult concepts in reading and math. Her reading and math ability is below grade level. She also has difficulty with fine motor skills, and writing is a real struggle. She performs best when material is presented and taught visually.

Smart Notebook Activity: Class Garden Project

Target Student: Ella from the Student Description List/Inclusive Classroom Setting

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Although Ella is in 4th grade, she is below grade level in various content areas so I have to use standards from various grades to accommodate her needs in this garden project.

Objectives: Ella will learn about creating a class garden through many activities that will allow her to overcome her immobility, attempt to fill in knowledge gaps, and incite critical thinking to push Ella beyond her perceived capacity to a level that she may sill learn easily. There are many basic activities in the SMARTnotebook Garden Project that are at a grade below Ella’s, with the basic plant and seeds video and plan diagrams. There are implemented to have the student fill in any potential learning gaps associated with the project. There are also learning standards that correlate with her math standards, such as the box garden. She will hopefully understand how rows and columns constitute the basic elements of multiplication, and how the sides of the garden box may be divided by how long the garden box is. These will strengthen her basic knowledge in math with a real-world, organic (pun intended) example. This sill take some of the edge off math, by offering problems that don’t have all of the information needed, but instead ask the student to think about how they can get the information with the tools available to solve the problem, engaging the student in more kinesthetic learning and asking them to interact with the problem and find the solution in their own way and pace. Ella will find this slide to relieve some of her difficulties and frustrations when facing math problems because they become life problems instead. There are also videos that will have the student think critically, and since Ella struggles with reading, dialogue will replace the reading and writing in these activities, so she can be confident when talking socially with her peers on the contents of the videos. Aided by a co-teaching intervention strategy, there is a range of activities in the project that will attempt to bridge her gap in knowledge but also challenge her at a grade-appropriate level with minimal frustrations and reduced anxieties.