Bill Cosby, God, & Snow

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Bill Cosby's "Why I Don't Like Melting Snow Going Down the Crack of My Back," is an entertaining essay on God. Cosby uses a discussion about skiing between two individuals (Cosby and a friend) to discuss the spiritual creator and the Tree of Life. At the beginning of the essay, his friend is trying to convince him to go skiing with him and experience the exhilaration of going downhill. Cosby's main point in the essay is to influence and make the reader think about the fact that, from a philosophical viewpoint, God is in everything. It is a simple, but effective way to describe this often discussed fact.

Cosby describes the conversation he has with his friend and their trip to purchase some boots. Cosby is very descriptive in describing the atmosphere of the store in which he purchases the boots. "All these salespeople were walking around with a tan, wrinkled skin but white circles around their eyes...looked like negatives of raccoons, and they all have great, white teeth. Healthy-looking teeth," (Cosby) Cosby writes. Cosby essentially is encouraging the reader to go skiing as it allows man to get in touch with God. It is another avenue to talk to the creator. "This friend of mine tells me that skiing, you get in touch with God. You have not experienced the feeling of going downhill with the wind in your face and the sound and the freedom of going down at the speed and it's just you and God" (Cosby). Here, Cosby is supporting his witty essay with convincing language about skiing and how man can get closer to God through this activity.

Bill Cosby's essay was chosen because he is considered to be a legend in the field of comedy. The essay is worth reading because it uses funny observations by Cosby to describe man's search to talk to God and have time alone with the creator and reflect on life. Cosby uses the sport of skiing to hilariously express this and effectively persuades the reader to try skiing in order to have a chat with God on the slopes. 

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