Mark Twain’s “Extracts”: Blog Response

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Response to Post #1:

I like your reactions to both the stories! They were very similar to mine – I thought it was very funny how Eve did not understand Adam’s response to her actions. All she was trying to do was find out about him and get to know him! But Adam got annoyed at her, and she got annoyed at Adam for getting annoyed at her. It kind of plays on the conception of a “help mate”, doesn’t it? Your idea that Twain captures stereotypes of the characters in his works is spot on - especially, with Tom and Huck. For this story, the stereotypes of males and females is exactly right – that’s what I enjoyed so much! It really puts modern-day gender differences in perspective, especially the part where you talk about Eve loving to talk and longing for connection, and Adam just wanting to be left alone. They both seem to be innocent of the world around them but in two very different ways. I suggest you read "When a Buffalo Climbed a Tree" for further enjoyment.

Response to Post #2:

I found Adam’s perspective much funnier as well. The humorous part was that we (the readers) know the “creature” he is talking about is a woman, but he has no idea what he is dealing with at the time. I like how you highlighted how Adam and Eve saw things differently. Adam is annoyed because Eve is so active and “stepping on his toes”, so to speak, while Eve just thinks she’s helping him out with weaknesses. You hit the nail on the head with the phrase “Eve is mostly caring and Adam could care less” – what a great phrase! But it is encouraging, yes, that in the end, they learn to love each other, despite the differences.