Sexuality Reflection

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When I first realized I was of the heterosexual identity was in primary school, where I found the opposite sex appealing. I would develop crushes on the boys in my class and felt emotions that I never felt towards other girls. Both peers and authority figures universally accepted my heterosexuality. It was never questioned nor had a moment occurred where anyone attempted to persuade me to become homosexual. Because my sexuality was never questioned, it found it easy to maintain that I needed not to venture and experience with same-sex partners. Had I experienced adversity towards my sexuality with daily questions and concerns, I feel that my self-esteem and confidence would fall greatly, being unsure of the way I am. 

In the natural progression of age and development, friends and peers around me began their own sexual journeys, exposing me to homosexuality. This was the first time I ever thought an alternative to my sexuality was an option, though I still had never felt sexual desire towards a member of the same sex. Just as homosexuality is not a phase, I do not believe heterosexuality to be a phase that one grows out of either. I believe that you love whom you love and sometimes, this is not so defined as to one category or another. For example, the existence of bi-sexuality and A-sexuality demonstrate ambiguity in whom one chooses to love. Typically, neither of these are phases.

To say that my heterosexuality is purely for attention is to say that all sexual preference is for an audience. I believe that love and sexuality is a deeply personal and sometimes very private matter in one’s life. In my own life and sexuality, I find it no different to date members of the same sex than it is for homosexual or bisexual couples to do the same. Being cured of heterosexuality has never crossed my mind because I am happy. I know I am being myself and attempting to change my sexual orientation presents itself as an unnatural process. I embrace and support all love, while reserving my right to love who I desire, without the input of others.