Brief Reflection on Writing a Paper

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The paper took a great deal of effort to write.  Some of the biggest factors that went into the process of coming up with the end product were time management, being unbiased, and putting an emphasis on the small technical details of writing a paper.  I really got a lot out of the peer review session, and I feel that going to the peer review session was the most beneficial aspect of the process as it allowed me to get unbiased opinions about how my writing style and the quality of my paper.  By effectively managing my time and taking the comments from my peers about my writing, I feel that I have been able to create an end product that I am very happy with.  

One of the most important aspects of writing an effective paper comes from the selection of the writing topic and the amount of time one puts into writing the actual product.  This particular paper took me around 16 days to write during which I made about 7 different copies.  This gave me a lot of time to write the paper and then come back and reexamine my work.  By doing this, I was able to critically look at what I had previously written and decided if it met the goals of the paper that I originally had set out to write.  By not leaving the majority of my work till the last minute, I had the option of really analyzing the issues that I wanted to tackle.  Additionally, the extra time let me step away from my writing to gather my thoughts and return to cohesively get them down on paper over time instead of just rushing to fill space with a few ideas over and over.  I feel that doing this allowed me to really get a concise set of arguments and points on my paper while not wasting time with needless filler.

The other major help I received during the writing process of this paper was the peer review session in which I received feedback from my classmates.  This allowed for someone who did not know exactly what I was writing about to look through my paper and provide feedback on the way I had presented my thesis.  They could give me their frank opinion on my work that I could then apply to the improvement of the paper as a whole.  One of the compliments that I received was how unbiased I remained throughout my paper, and this was something that I strived to maintain throughout the writing process.  With the pointed help from my peers, I was able to further rewrite and edit my work until I had my end product. 

One of the hardest aspects of the paper for me was to remain unbiased on the subject throughout the writing process.  This particular subject has so much information this slanted in the opinion that it was very difficult for me to be able to report it without taking the research’s bias.  However, with the help of my peer reviews and the extra time and effort I put into this paper, I feel that I was able to remain very unbiased through the paper.  This who process has helped me become a better writer for several reasons.  First, I was able to see that taking more time for the writing process yields a higher quality of work.  Second, I was able to learn to remain unbiased in an informative report when the material that I researched was presented from very biased reports.  Finally, the use of a peer review session helped me both learn to accept criticism on my own work and see the benefit of allowing an outside individual review what I had written.  By combining these factors, I was able to create a report that I feel is very unbiased and fairly reports the information on my subject.