Writing Skills and Techniques

The following sample English essay is 312 words long, in APA format, and written at the undergraduate level. It has been downloaded 482 times and is available for you to use, free of charge.

In the “Writing Skills and Techniques” module, the most challenging node for me was, “Writing Argument/Persuasion Papers.” While some of the other nodes reviewed the information that I already knew or were a little more related to common sense, this module covered what I felt was very specific information. For example, before reading the course material, I could have never guessed that the most important part of an argumentative essay is the conclusion. In order to successfully pass the node, I needed to study the text. I even went back after reading the Intellipath materials a second time and “revised” my responses to go from an average to an excellent grade. This improved my overall score and was well worth the effort.

The easiest node for me was, “An Introduction to Patterns of Writing.” The questions in this area covered basic writing tips and principles, such as how to determine which voice to use, and how to organize writing assignments. The information regarding writing structure is especially important, specifically as it relates to the right way to organize different kinds of papers. I think that the information supplied in this node will be useful to me as I move forward in English Composition II, and also in my college career, because I will be required to write papers in virtually every class. This information will make sure that I am structuring them the best way for the proper audience and subject matter.

To be more successful this week, I would have benefited from some more experience using Intellipath. I felt like I jumped around the pages a lot, and I got a little lost. However, the more I used the program, the easier it was to complete.

It was good to see that I completed my Learning Path with for Unit 1, and all of my nodes were green.