Apple: SEC 10-K Review

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Jobs and Wozniak partnered in 1976 to official begin Apple, Inc (“Apple Computer, Inc.,” n.d.). As most know, they started with computers as their one and only product but the company has now expanded into virtually all aspects of technology. Wozniak left when the company was going through a rough patch, Jobs eventually did too but was very successful while gone. Currently, there are two main competitors within the computer/ software industry and cell phone industry. Microsoft and Android are the top two companies that are competitors to Apple, Inc. respectfully. Apple, Inc. products are used on every continent in the entire world, some even in space (Hubbard et al., 2019). Apple, Inc. products are also marketed and sold on almost every continent on Earth. The current value of Apple, Inc. stock is about $170 per share (Apple Inc., n.d.). Shareholdings and values are predicted to increase by 3.6% by 2049 (“SEC Form 10-K,” n.d.). Apple, Inc.’s main objective is to provide state-of-the-art technology that is of the highest quality and most innovative on the market (Linzmayer & Linzmayer, 2008). By offering over fifteen products, services, and softwares, the company is by far a leader in its industry (Hubbard et al., 2019). The business model and marketing plan is to engage in direct and indirect marketing which leads to an interesting perspective. Indirect marketing leads to a much higher net income than direct sales (“SEC Form 10-K,” n.d.). The odd correlation continues to international markets compared to domestic markets (“SEC Form 10-K,” n.d.).

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